Roland System 100

Modul 101 and 102 expander

If we had to pick one of our machines it would be this one, the Holy Grail. Great sound, instant 70's. A very inspirational piece of gear. Love at first sight. If you find one, buy it! Semi-modular opens up a lot of possibilities.

Roland SH1000

Roland's first synthesizer. Really fun to play around with. There are some presets aswell, but those are not fun at all. Unfortunatly our SH1000 suffers from leaks from it's ADSR, hence we don't use it that often.

Yamaha CS10

This is our first ever synthesizer. We use today. Found at a flea market for almost nothing. This synth is a big reason why we now do what we do. Able to produce some really low frequencies.

Yamaha CS15

Just had to have one. Funny and extremly usefull. Hooked up with the CS10 it's becomes a beast!

ARP Axxe

Great filter on this one. But as often is the case with the ARP's, it's mechanical parts sucks (too bad, since it's otherwise a marvelous 30 year old little fun gear). Hopefully restored to fully working condition soon (keyboard needs some care as well as the VCA part and CV in/out).

Analogue Solutions Red Square MKII

Modular monophonic synthesizer. Really fun and flexible

MiniKorg 700s

This one hasn't arrived yet and it is starting to bug me. But hopefully it'll be here soon from the repairshop.


Korg SR120 Minipops

Bomp pfff, this sound will fit in any mix. Preset drum machine from the 70's. You are able to combine it's different presets, which makes it a really flexible machine. Thinking about getting a clock in/out on it.

Boss DR110
Unfortunatly never used in a song yet. Nice snare.

Roland TR626

Its preset patterns are a little bit over used by us unfortunatly. We also use it to clock our Analogue Solutions Oberkorn, since it has a shorter pulse than the internal clock in the Oberkorn.

Roland CR78

Don't think we need to say much about this lovely drummachine. Trig out, clock, and a beautiful sound. There are some great preset patterns. It is a fully analog programable drummachine. Now we just need to get hold of the programmer.


Boss RX100 Spring Reverb

Nice sound. Will make a nice "boing" if in overdrive.

Roland Space Echo re-150

Simply wonderfull tape echo.

Korg SD-200 Signal Delay

Reliable warm sounding delay.


Analogue Solutions Oberkorn

An essential piece in our production. Really usefull, fully analogue CV-sequencer. Instant fun.


Our only non-electronic piece of gear. Wood should sound like this, always!